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2016 Solo Dance Nationals

Final Round Results:
Pre Bronze PD: Elise - Pewter Medalist
Bronze PD: Annika - 5th in the US
Silver PD: Katie - 6th in the US
Gold PD: GG - 10th in the US

Juvenile Combo: Annika - 10th in the US
Intermediate Combo: Emily B. - Bronze Medalist
Novice Combo: Nina - 5th in the US
Junior Combo: Emily M. - Silver Medalist
Senior Combo: Isabella - 6th in the US

Initial Qualifying Round Results:
Juvenile - Annika 4th PD/7th FD (5th - QR)
Intermediate - Emily 3rd PD/3rd FD (2nd -QR)
Novice - Nina 2nd PD/2nd FD (2nd - QR)
Junior - Emily M. 5th SD/2nd FD (2nd -QR)
Senior - Isabella 8th SD/2nd FD (4th-QR)

Pattern Dancers: (top five go through to final)
Pre Bronze - Elise 2nd
Bronze - Annika 3rd; Anthony 8th
Pre Silver - Emily W. 6th (QR Grp )
Silver - Katie 2nd (QR Grp); Samantha 10th
Gold - GG 5th (QR Grp) 

2016 Results - Solo Dance
other results will be posted soon...

Skate Wilmington (July 21, 2016

Pre Bronze PD - Bella 4th

Bronze PD - Annika 1st; Anthony 2nd

Pre Silver PD - Emily W. 3rd

Silver PD - Katie 2nd; Samantha 5th

Pre Gold PD - Josi 10th

Gold PD - Gigi 3rd

Juvenile Combo - Annika 3rd; Madhu 5th

Intermediate Combo - Emily B. 1st; Ashley 4th

Novice Combo -  Nina 1st; Katie 5th; Samantha (Grp A) 5th

Senior Combo - Isabella 4th

Chesapeake Open (June)

Juvenile Team PD - Annika & Anthony 6th

Prelim PD - Anna 3rd, Grace M. 4th, Bailey 5th

Pre Bronze PD - Elise 1st, Bella 3rd

Bronze PD - Annika 2nd, Anthony 3rd, Grace 8th

Pre Silver PD - Emily W. 2nd, Averie 6th, Emma 7th

Silver PD - Katie 1st

Gold PD - Gigi 4th

Juv Combo - Annika 3rd (A), Madhu 5th (B)

Int Combo - Emily 2nd, Ashley 6th

Nov Combo - Nina 1st

Junior Combo - Emily 2nd

Senior Combo - Isabella 4th

Ed Picken (June )

Juvenile (team) pattern dance - Annika & Anthony 1st

Preliminary PD - Grace M. 3rd; Bailey 4th

Pre Bronze PD - Elise 1st

Bronze PD - Annika 1st; Anthony 3rd; Grace B. 4th

Pre Silver PD - Emily W. 1st; Emma 2nd ; Averie 7th

Silver PD - Katie 1st

Pre Gold PD - Josi 4th

Gold PD - Gigi

Juvenile Combo - Annika 1st; Madhu 3rd

Intermediate Combo - Emily 3rd; Ashley 4th

Novice Combo - Jessica 1st; Nina 4th; Katie 5th

Junior Combined - Emily M. 3rd

Senior Combined - Isabella 1st

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